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Mile Hi Players

Special Committee to address the needs of the community.


Lori Guzlow

                                              THE-MILE-HIGH PLAYERS


The-Mile-High Players began as a gift to the membership 19 years ago.  Cipriano Greigo came up with the idea of having a talent show for entertaining our members and he asked me to take the lead on making that happen.  I thought that by using club members as the performers our purpose would be two-fold; first to entertain our members and secondly for individual members to have the opportunity to display their latent or hidden talents on our stage.  The show has proven to be successful by most standards and has certainly been a lot of fun for the performers.


Having said that, I would like to invite anyone who thinks they might like to join the-Mile-High Players to do so. We are always looking for new people.  If at first you think you might be too shy, don’t worry, we will work with you on that.  We are committed to helping one another improve his or her performance and always in a supportive, non-judgmental manner.



In 2006, when we were still part of the AGIF, we performed for the National Conference in Oklahoma City. We performed at the Tivoli Center for the Traveling Viet-Nam Wall. Additionally, our members have volunteered for any special task or show that the other committees have a need for such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Veterans’ Day.  Moreover, we perform at Senior Citizen Centers, Assisted Living facilities, Nursing Homes, and the VA. We have also performed at the Governor’s mansion, National, State, and local conferences, Veterans’ special events and fundraisers.  When asked, we sing or perform in support of other committees.  We also have sung the National Anthem at various club functions and elsewhere.


Simply put, we are a resource to the Mile Hi Veterans.  What we do, we do for you and for the Mile Hi Veterans.  As it sometimes happens, a group such as ours comes to a crossroads. We are in the process of self assessment, what we’ve done, what we still want to do and what direction we are looking at for the future. Whatever decisions we make you can be sure that they will be made with you in mind.  We are first and foremost a resident company of the-Mile Hi Veterans.



I am always looking for ways to improve the show and would welcome any suggestions you may have.  We have what I call a symbiotic relationship with Mile Hi Veterans.  We could not exist without one another. We are dependent on and receive reinforcement from one another.  So, it behooves us all to work together to make sure that our relationship is beneficial to the club and to the members.  We are actors or would-be actors.  Our joy is derived from simply being on the stage and having fun.  Our reward is the applause and approval that comes from the audience.  We work for your applause; we work for your laughs and ultimately, we work for your approval.


Thank you for supporting the - Mile-High Players and Mile Hi Veterans.


Ricardo La Fore

Writer/Director-Mile High Players

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